Choosing The Best Patio Paver For Your Project

You found orange county’s best patio paver company and you’re ready to make the most out of your outdoor patio, now what? It’s time to choose the best size, colors, and style for your project. We have plenty of options to choose from, and we’re here to help you pick the perfect one!

Start with the right patio paver material

We have you covered on this one already. Since brick pavers are permeable by water and air, they are far more likely to decay quickly. With that in mind, we only use concrete pavers. Unlike the inferior brick paver, concrete pavers are much more durable to harsh climates and exposed areas over time.


At Pavescapes, we offer four pattern options which include I- pattern, herringbone, the running bond, and random. These patterns can consist of two sized pavers; 6×6 and 6×9. The dimensions of your area will help determine which patterns would work best for your project. In the case of a smaller space, smaller patterns would do best and vice versa. For example, larger patterns in a smaller area could make the space appear even smaller. While smaller patterns in a larger space could prove to be less cost-efficient.

Are there other patterns around the yard or house currently? You may try to stick with that but keep in mind, the space does not always have to match to look best. In some instances, a more aimless approach is the way to go.


Our patio pavers come in six different colors to choose from:

  • Artic
  • Cortez
  • Hazelnut
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Skyfall

These colors are most favorable when mixed and matched up to three color combinations. If your patio will be excessively exposed to the sunlight, natural tones will be your best option since the sun tends to dull more vivid colors over time. Another tip to picking the best color for your patio pavers is to consider the color of your home. For a white house, just about any color paver will work well. However, if your home is not a neutral color, more consideration is required. This is where the color combinations come into play, since you can utilize the different colors to best match your home. Often a modern style home is complemented by grey or lighter colors versus a traditional style home which goes best with earthy or darker toned pavers.

Surrounding material

Finally, before making the right choice of patio pavers, survey the surrounding landscape for any other materials such as wood, metal, brick, concrete or stone. For instance, wood accents tend to mesh well with most concrete pavers. While steel usually works best with more natural tones.

Final Note

Our system allows you to keep your pre-existing concrete foundation which makes overlaying the quick and easy alternative to remodeling your concrete surfaces. Rest assured that you can save time, money, as well as avoid the mess and noise pollution that comes with removing your foundation. Just call Orange County’s best patio paver. You’ll be glad you did!