How to Host a Great Weekend BBQ

In Orange County, the ultimate weekend refresher is a barbecue at your outdoor kitchen with your closest friends and family. Southern California weather pulls its residents outdoors making grilling a great option come dinner time. Thankfully, hosting this gathering is so much easier than you would probably think.

The Essentials

The minimal essentials for pulling off a successful party include an outdoor kitchen, your favorite meat and veggies to be cooked (always plan for extras), and finally a patio and seating area to enjoy your meal with the company of others. If you’re new to grilling, a propane grill will be a better option for you. While a charcoal grill might be best for a savvier grill master. Your seating area can be as simple as a fold-up table and chairs, or as comfortable as a built-in dining area underneath a gazebo.

Leveling Up

If you are someone that wants to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level, then there are a few more items to consider. One great addition is that of a large outdoor television to broadcast the game or favorite show for all to follow. Another great idea is to clear out some space in the yard to enjoy yard games. You can do so on a budget with cornhole, horseshoes, or washers. Otherwise, you can really blow the roof off the party with your own golf putting green!

More Than a BBQ

Whatever measure you feel it is important to take to make your barbeque gathering great, it’s important to not forget about the one main ingredient. That is the people that you wish to grill with, cheer on your team with, or compete against in whatever yard game you choose. Your outdoor space is not just a place to enjoy your meal. It is a place to memorialize meals, bring loved ones together, and create memories to last a lifetime.