Most frequent questions and answers

What sets us aside from traditionally installed pavers is our thin paver. Our unique thin paver goes directly on top of concrete. Saving your existing concrete gives the pavers a strong and sturdy surface to bond to. Having a strong and sturdy concrete surface for pavers to lay is the most important part of installing quality pavers that will last. No home owner wants to worry about there pavers sinking or cracking.

Yes. In fact, since the base is concrete instead of gravel it last longer!

By not removing your concrete it helps the environments with the unnecessary waste sent to our local landfills.

Thin Pavers are a manmade paving material that can be installed right on top of existing concrete surface.

Thin pavers are usually installed on pool decks, patios, walkways and entryways.

We have six colors to choose from.

We remove a small portion of the concrete where the opening of a door would be for instance. Then we would pour back the concrete just below the opening so when we lay the pavers, they will be flush with the door opening.

Our estimates are quick and free!

Yes! With the strong concrete foundation underneath the pavers It give the pavers the support it needs to handle heavy wear and tear from vehicles.